ZuluTrade Review – Making a Difference with Great Trading Features


I wonder why so many online platforms think that they can make a difference with just their words. Actions speak louder than words, and some online platforms understand that. However, the number of platforms that take action rather than talk is very small, but I have successfully jumped into this small pool of great platforms and found one for you that I think will be a great way for you to start trading. So, I recommend that you read my ZuluTrade review.

This platform has made a difference with great trading features. It does not make huge claims, and I wonder why.  Review to the end and see what this platform is capable of. 

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 It has the features that I think definitely deserve some boasting. Read the complete ZuluTrade review, and I’m sure you will be convinced just like me. 

Rich Copy Trading Features 

When I say rich features, I am referring to the fact that copy trading on this platform isn’t just about copying someone else’s trades. It goes beyond that, and you will learn about those aspects when you sign up with it. Firstly, you are able to talk to the trader you are copying and learn from them. Secondly, you can talk to other investors and know what they are up to. Thirdly, you can look at the statistics of the traders before you choose them, allowing you to go with the one that you know is best suited to your trading strategies. 

If your trader uses certain trading strategies and trades certain assets the most, you can ask them why they do it. It’s a perfect learning opportunity for you in addition to investing your funds and getting huge returns on them with consistently good strategies. 

Plenty of Assets for Trading

Let me tell you that this platform is a heaven for forex traders. However, you are not limited to just trading forex currency pairs when you join this platform. There are many other assets available for you. In the forex market, you have exotic, minor, and major currency pairs that give you more than 50 different options for trading. In a similar way, you have plenty of pioneering, stable, and emerging cryptocurrencies if you enter the cryptocurrency market. There is someone for everyone, and if you are more about stock trading, you can trade them separately or in the form of buckets when you go with the indices category. 


The fun for traders doesn’t end here. I have to tell you that the impressive asset index of this platform consists of many commodities as well. Do you like trading precious metals like palladium, gold, and silver? Are you interested in putting a few bucks behind oil and natural gas? Whatever your preferences are, you will find plenty of options for trading when you join this platform. 

Enjoy Your Broker’s Best 

As a trader, you will become a mentor for investors on the platform. Your data will be shared with investors so they can pick and choose. However, this might make you feel as though you will lose control of your current trading system if you sign up with ZuluTrade. That’s not the case at all, and in fact, that’s what makes this platform so special. Whatever leverage, spreads, margin calls, and other features you have available on your broker’s platform will be there for you even when you join this platform. 

You are just making yourself available to investors who don’t have a lot of experience trading and want to avoid losing all their hard-earned money right at the start of their trading career. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you like to trade cryptos or are a fan of forex trading, ZuluTrade is a platform where your needs will be catered to. Furthermore, you will be able to learn from those who are currently active and have the latest information on the financial markets. So, if you think copy trading is the way to go in the future, you should definitely consider joining ZuluTrade.